We started this business because we saw too many club officials overwhelmed with onerous administration and ultimately leaving a sport they once loved because they were burnt out.

Everyone in our team has, in some way, shape or form, been involved in the administration of a number of sporting clubs—so we know exactly what it's like.

Because of this, we sought to utilise technology to simplify, or remove, painful (but necessary) tasks and paperwork, leaving our volunteers and staff more time to focus on the things that make their sport fun!

We love what we do, because every day we get to see our platform simplify and improve the lives of people just like you.


Empower through simplicity: not every club has a computer wizard.

Our platform MUST be easy to use for everyone. Where practical, we seek to automate tedious and manual processes. If my nan can use it, so can you!

Share the load: not every sport has endless pockets.

Volunteers and administrators already do so much for their organisation, they shouldn't need to babysit their members as well! By simply and safely allowing members to manage their own data, clubs, associations, and state & national sporting organisations are able to focus on improving and growing the sport.

Data integrity: you only get out what you put in.

We have developed tools to ensure your data is easy to manage, up-to-date, and—above all else—useful. It is imperative you can utilise your data to draw insights and make informed business decisions. As such, we consider practices and policies that jeopardise the quality of data offences worthy of the sin-bin.

Innovation is imperative: support the greater good.

We are an out-of-the-box platform with degrees of customisation. Our objective is to offer a whole of sport solution for small clubs to national bodies across a multitude of sports. As such, we're happy to review ways to help a sport specifically, however we would sooner steer a potential client away than offer a half-baked solution that doesn't meet your needs or risk damage to the experience of our other clients.

Above & beyond, together—and the importance of saying no.

Our clients choose to use revSPORT because we pride ourselves on open and honest communication. We're here to make your lives easier and will ALWAYS endeavour to go above and beyond. We also promise to say 'no' when things aren't possible or conflict with our philosophies. Thank you for your trust in our expertise.

our team

Alex Mednis profile photo

Alex Mednis

Chief Executive Officer
Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), Juris Doctor (JD), UNSW, GAICD
Alex possesses shared backgrounds of technology, law and sports administration. As a founding Director of the Australian Sports Technologies Network, Alex has played an important role in shaping and propelling the sports tech industry in Australia. His years of experience in Legal Technology at Australia's largest two law firms (Freehills and Clayton Utz), as well as 22 years' experience in Board-level and operations management of sporting organisations of different levels and sizes, give Alex a unique and relevant perspective in today's sporting climate.

Teresa Simonetti profile photo

Teresa Simonetti

Chief Engineer
Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (Honours), Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), USYD
Teresa is a creative, highly focused, and results-driven individual. Flourishing in the digital space, she brings out-of-the-box thinking to a variety of projects. Her bespoke work is a fusion of solution architecture, interface design, data science, and digital strategy. Her 10 years of experience in sports administration include participating as a Board Director, competition official and media manager at the association and club level.

Nicholas Watkins profile photo

Nicholas Watkins

Chief Operating Officer
BA (Psychology)/BCom (Marketing & HR), UOW, MIB (Masters of International Business), USYD
Nicholas' experience in customer relationship management and desire to identify the optimal solution for all parties has seen him succeed in digital media, HR, cross-cultural management, sales and international business development. Nicholas draws his experience from his love of sports, education, and travel, and has contributed years in a range of roles on the Boards of community sporting organisations.

Cass Simonetti profile photo

Cass Simonetti

Chief Product Officer
Bachelor of Education (Primary), ACU
Cass brings her diverse interests and broad skillset to sports management. She has 6+ years experience in the education and not-for-profit sector, developing support programs and services for people within the community, and managing the team who delivered these services. Her passion for community and disability services has given her a unique interest in supporting sporting organisations of all sizes.

Simone Brummell profile photo

Simone Brummell

Chief of Staff
Bachelor of Education, Charles Sturt University
Simone draws from a deep well of expertise in client management and staff leadership, allowing her to support executives in their roles and lead strategic planning processes across the organisation. Through her years of experience in both SaaS platforms and project management—spanning architecture to construction, Simone has developed a people-centric focus in her working style. Bolstered by a deep passion for problem-solving and strategising, her considered approach brings invaluable support to the team.

Anne-Sophie van der Sanden profile photo

Anne-Sophie van der Sanden

Deputy Chief of Staff
Bachelor of Communication - Social & Political Science, UTS
Anne-Sophie brings years of knowledge in grassroots sport, with 4 years' experience as an administrator and official for her local water polo association. Her studies in communications, social and political science at the University of Technology, Sydney, give her a broad sense of the triumphs and challenges facing sport within the current social and political landscape.

Melissa Puckeridge profile photo

Melissa Puckeridge

Executive Assistant
University Certificate of Workforce Essentials, Charles Sturt University
Melissa brings a strong administrative and customer service background to her role, enabling her to efficiently manage multiple priorities and stakeholders. She also possesses extensive involvement in netball, having participated as an umpire and committee member at the grassroots community level.

Lauren Woods profile photo

Lauren Woods

Manager, Projects & Accounts
Bachelor of Sport Studies (Business), Australian College of Physical Education
Lauren possesses extensive experience and leadership in sports administration. Through her previous management and coordination roles at Netball NSW and Hockey NSW, Lauren brings to the team a depth of understanding of the wants and needs of, and challenges faced by, staff and volunteers working within community sport. Her studies in business and sports administration enhance this lens with a practical, actionable, and sustainable perspective.

Gary Tsai profile photo

Gary Tsai

Senior Platform Engineer
Bachelor of Education (Big Data), Western Sydney University
Gary draws from a comprehensive breadth of experience across customer service, digital marketing, information technology, and full stack software development. This unique skill combination grants Gary a creative, out-of-the-box approach to targeted solutions for sporting organisations.

Victor Dau profile photo

Victor Dau

Senior Platform Engineer
Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering), UOW
Victor's zeal for sports and technology has driven him to digital sports management. Previous experience in a commercial software environment has armed him with in-depth knowledge in customer support and software development. Victor strives for maintaining a scalable and robust platform that does all the heavy lifting for sports enthusiasts and administrators.

Wilson Huynh profile photo

Wilson Huynh

Platform Engineer
Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), UNSW
Wilson possesses a combined extensive skill set in software development, commerce and finance, allowing him to see through to the practical applications and business cases of digital solutions for sporting organisations. His broad base of engineering skills affords him diversity and flexibility in his approach to designing and implementing powerful tools and solutions for sports management.

Shabrina Yusri profile photo

Shabrina Yusri

Platform Engineer
Bachelor of Engineering (Software)/Master of Biomedical Engineering, UNSW
Shabrina's skillset brings together her studies in computer science & engineering, and her experience as a president and sports administrator within Taekwondo. As a result of this unique background, Shabrina understands the administrative challenges facing sports, and can deftly identify and implement solutions to help community sports at all levels.

Mary Lalee profile photo

Mary Lalee

Junior Platform Engineer
Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)/Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), UNSW
Mary's multifaceted technical experience includes working within the agile and scrum methodology, and working across a range of programming languages and frameworks. Her passion lies in understanding customer outcomes and breaking them down into discrete user stories, in order to help architect a successful solution within the platform.

Connor Lines profile photo

Connor Lines

Junior Platform Engineer
Bachelor of Information Technology (Software Technology), Macquarie University
Driven to solve problems and build solutions in creative and out-of-the-box ways, Connor is highly fluent in a range of operating environments, with functional knowledge across a range of engineering frameworks. His enthusiasm to 'build' and create does not stop at software—his talents also extend to electrical and mechanical engineering, as well as music, woodworking and metalworking.

Ivania Setiawan profile photo

Ivania Setiawan

Junior Platform Engineer
Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering), UNSW
Ivania's previous experience in the volunteering and not-for-profit sectors gives her a unique insight into the challenges faced by community groups. Combined with her focus on customer service and attention to detail, Ivania is driven to implement sound solutions for hardworking volunteers.

Ben Stals profile photo

Ben Stals

Junior Platform Engineer
Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), UNSW
Having worked and volunteered across multiple mentoring and committee-based roles from a range of industries, Ben brings a rich background of previous experience to his current role. Ben is a lifelong learner, with skills across a range of programming languages and frameworks.

Eric Zhu profile photo

Eric Zhu

Junior Platform Engineer
Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)/Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), UNSW (2024)
Eric possesses a background in tutoring and volunteering, and thrives in both teaching and learning, particularly in communicating and conveying complex information and ideas. With a keen interest in mathematics and robotics, Eric loves to develop creative approaches to solving problems.

Ashley Wong profile photo

Ashley Wong

Junior Platform Engineer
Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), UNSW (2024)
Ashley has worked across an extensive range of previous roles, including sales & marketing, logistics, and mentoring, and has also taken on organisational and subcomittee roles. Ashley never passes up an opportunity to learn and expand her horizons, and is committed to improving our platform for our customers.

Sophie Papamichalakis profile photo

Sophie Papamichalakis

Junior Platform Engineer
Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Software Engineering), USYD (2027)
Sophie has an extensive background in sports and recruitment and has held various volunteer positions within community sport. With a keen understanding of the value that sport brings to our community, Sophie aspires to build upon and improve the sporting industry for the better with her wealth of programming skills.

Francis Nguyen profile photo

Francis Nguyen

Junior Platform Engineer
Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), UNSW (2024)
Francis has extensive experience across a range of different roles and competencies, including customer service, commerce, communication, logistics, data analytics, and computer science. Francis’ multifaceted background offers him the ability to deliver clever and considered tools and solutions to our customers.

Alexander Leone profile photo

Alexander Leone

Senior Support Coordinator
Bachelor of Business Administration, Macquarie University
Alexander's experience combines sports and technology, bringing together backgrounds of personal training, tech business development and administration, and customer service. A dedicated problem-solver enriched with technical expertise, Alexander ensures that our sporting organisations are well looked after.

Ryan Agar profile photo

Ryan Agar

Senior Accounts Coordinator
Bachelor of Entertainment Management, Australian Institute of Music
Ryan brings a lifetime of love for all sporting codes and a great interest for community engagement. With his passion for sport and continual drive for improvement, Ryan offers a wealth of knowledge in stakeholder communications, project management and sales, and he plays an integral role in the delivery of support and projects to a range of clients.

Nathan Sturgess profile photo

Nathan Sturgess

Product Manager
Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Commerce, Software Engineering/Finance (Honours), UNSW
Nathan's experience is an intersection of sport and technology, combining work in product management with years of playing rugby league, union, and baseball. Nathan has developed a keen eye for detail across his time working in web and software at various levels. His extensive background includes product management work within large scalable platforms—from promising startups to international technology companies.

Mikaela Vaccher profile photo

Mikaela Vaccher

Senior Product Owner
Bachelor of Fine Arts/Bachelor of Education (Secondary), UNSW (2023)
Mikaela possesses a background rich in business and technological applications, having flourished in sales and support roles in Apple for 5 years. Her passions in art, design and psychology ensure that the platform maintains fluidity and intuitiveness in all its applications. Mikaela's long term vision and strategy are vital for our preparedness for the ever-evolving nature of technology.

Christopher Mihalatos profile photo

Christopher Mihalatos

Product Owner
Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, ACU
Christopher's extensive 10-year involvement across sporting clubs and associations means that he is acutely aware of the needs and challenges of sports clubs. Coupled with his years of experience as a legal secretary and his keen interest in the marketing and business management side of sport, Christopher is well-equipped to offer governance advice and administrative support for sports operating at all levels and capabilities.

Clive Maslen profile photo

Clive Maslen

Senior Marketing Coordinator
Bachelor of Communications (Media Arts and Production), Communication and Media Studies/Videography, UTS
Clive fosters a deep passion for media, communications, and campaign management, especially within the context of sport. His extensive marketing competencies include videography, graphic design, live-streaming, social media and public relations. He is excited to raise the profile and bring increased awareness to the sporting industry, and help our hardworking volunteers further empower their organisations.

Christopher Fountain profile photo

Christopher Fountain

Account Manager
Bachelor of Arts, UNSW, Bachelor of Management - Sports Management, UTS
Christopher brings strong expertise in the area of sports management, graduating as the highest performing sports management graduate in 2018. Experienced in sponsorships, marketing strategy, sports media, and customer service roles, Christopher aims to develop exciting and innovative solutions for sports organisations that focus on long-term strategies.

Billy Gaunt profile photo

Billy Gaunt

Account Manager
Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Management, UTS
Billy's previous experience as Development Officer at Cricket NSW, as well as coaching and playing grassroots cricket, football and golf, means he has a unique insight into the triumphs and challenges faced by different levels of sport. This, combined with his field-relevant tertiary qualifications, means that Billy is well-equipped to provide sports with sound guidance to strengthen their growth and development.

Ben Shariat profile photo

Ben Shariat

Senior Platform Specialist
Bachelor of Business (Sports Management), International College of Management Sydney
From his roles in sports management and administration for the AFL and the GWS Giants, Ben understands what makes a sport tick. His additional previous experience in administration and marketing gives Ben a solid foundation in being able to assist clubs and community sports in running their organisation and putting their best foot forward.

Dylan Kaglatzis profile photo

Dylan Kaglatzis

Senior Platform Specialist
Bachelor of Management (Sport Business), UTS
Dylan has held previous roles in administration, marketing and customer service, with a continued focus on organisations operating within the sports and technology industries. Dylan is committed to engaging with customers to help resolve their challenges, and prioritising customer satisfaction with a positive and can-do attitude.

Melody Khoza profile photo

Melody Khoza

Platform Specialist
Bachelor of Communication and Media, University of Canberra
Melody's previous background in project management and marketing gives her a unique insight into helping grassroots organisations get the best out of the platform. Her innovative approach, as well as her ability to identify and cultivate the skills and talents of others, makes her a valuable addition to the team, and ensures that she is well-placed to help our customers overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

Nethan Doungmanee profile photo

Nethan Doungmanee

Platform Specialist
Bachelor of Sports Business (Leadership), Business, Australian College of Physical Education (2024)
Nethan is well-versed in the challenges in sport, having served as a coach and administrative assistant across different levels of football organisations. Combined with his extensive business background, Nethan possesses a sound understanding of what sporting organisations need, in order to attain the best outcomes for our clubs and associations.

Tomalin Jenner profile photo

Tomalin Jenner

Platform Specialist
Bachelor of Science (Anatomy and Histology), University of Sydney
Tomalin has held previous roles in administration and project coordination, with a detailed-orientated approach to her work. Tomalin has a passion for bouldering and social sports, enjoying the ease of the experience. Tomalin is committed to collaborating and resolving challenges with sports to ensure they provide the same effortless sporting experience to their community.

Sophie Boswell profile photo

Sophie Boswell

Platform Specialist
Bachelor of Business (Sport Management), Western Sydney University
Sophie has an extensive background in sports administration, umpiring, and volunteering, and has held various positions of leadership in participation and operations within community sport. With a keen understanding of the value that sport brings to our community, Sophie aspires to build upon and improve the sporting industry for the better.

Liam Stewart profile photo

Liam Stewart

Platform Specialist
Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Management, University of Technology, Sydney
Liam keenly understands the experience of sports operations, having served as a player and coach in the judo community. Combined with his passion for growing grassroots sports in Australia, Liam possesses extensive knowledge of the challenges facing sports volunteers. These instincts will serve Liam in achieving optimum outcomes for clubs and governing bodies in the sporting community.

Georgia Tomasiello profile photo

Georgia Tomasiello

Platform Specialist
Bachelor of Management (Sport Business), University of Technology, Sydney
Georgia brings valuable expertise to the team with her extensive history in sports administration. With a background in oztag, taekwondo, and netball, coupled with administrative roles, Georgia's commitment to grassroots sports is evident. Georgia’s experience will play a key role in helping volunteers overcome administrative challenges.

advisory board

John Lee profile photo

John Lee

John has an unmatched track record of involvement in sport and government, across both the public and private sectors. He has led high-powered teams across a range of initiatives, including high performance sport, innovation, health and well-being. He has previously served within the sporting industry as CEO of Australian Sailing, as well as running two NRL clubs (Sydney Roosters and South Sydney Rabbitohs). He is an effective leader, communicator, and strategiser, and strives to help organisations become more efficient and effective at what they do.

Mary Konstantopoulos profile photo

Mary Konstantopoulos

Mary is an accomplished lawyer, and holds her current role with the Commonwealth Bank as Manager, Policy Governance. Mary is an advocate for women in sport, and is the founder of the media company "Ladies who...", which encourages women to get involved in conversations about sport through such spin-offs as "Ladies who League" and "Ladies who Legspin" (to name a few!). Mary writes regular articles for several major publications, including the Sydney Morning Herald and the Roar, and is also an ambassador for the Full Stop Foundation, who work to raise awareness, educate, and provide support for people affected by sexual, domestic or family violence. She is also a Board Member of Hockey Australia.

James Curtis profile photo

James Curtis

James is an experienced senior executive, board member and advisor across government, not-for-profit and community sectors. He previously held the role of Chief Executive Officer of Football West for 5 years, and was also the Executive Director – Community Development within the WA State Government and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Advisory Council. He is a current member of the University of Western Australia's Sports Advisory Board, and a Director of Richmond Wellbeing, who provide inclusive, community-based mental health and wellbeing support services across Western Australia.

our partners

We believe that integration and collaboration is the best way forward. We partner with these organisations to ensure that your organisation runs seamlessly.

tech & commercial partners

We partner with organisations that allow us to extend our platform into new and exciting markets, including payments, race timing and injury management.

industry partners

We have a strong industry focus as a founding member of the Australian Sports Technologies Network, and the Official Technology Partner of the NSW, QLD, SA and WA Sports Federations.

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We are also a member of the following State Sports Federations.


We are the Platinum Sponsor of Pride in Sport. We are committed to fostering inclusivity within sport for LGBTI employees, players, coaches, volunteers and spectators.

Pride in Sport pioneered and champions the world-first "Pride in Sport Index" (PSI), which benchmarks and assesses the inclusion of LGBTI people across all sporting contexts.

engineering societies

We proudly sponsor the following university societies, demonstrating our commitment to the future of engineering. In particular, we are advocates for diversity and inclusion within the engineering community and sponsor the Women in Engineering societies at the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales.