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revolutioniseSPORT is getting a new look!

View all · 21 Mar 2023 · revolutioniseSPORT

Our sports management platform will be receiving an updated design aimed at improving client experience and efficiency. We’re excited to share our upcoming updates and why we made them.

What’s changed and what hasn’t

We’re updating our platform with a sleeker, refined look designed to improve site navigation and enable administrators to understand their data more easily. Our platform began with a straightforward goal: empowering sport volunteers by automating onerous registration processes. These days we do so much more than that, so refining our look ensures we remain true to keeping sports management simple for all.

While new colours and layout will be introduced, the key capabilities of our clients' revolutioniseSPORT portals will remain largely unchanged.

But that doesn't mean we haven't been working on improvements under the hood. You can expect faster performance, a mobile-first experience, and even increased layers of protection.

Change is like a surprise party—it may come unexpectedly, but we'll have you covered with some helpful resources to ease the transition. Here are a few upcoming highlights:

  • We’ll temporarily insert a ‘switch back’ button to allow platform admins to change their portal to the previous design. This is to enable admins to gradually acclimate to our new look without disrupting their critical duties. This will last a limited time per feature before being removed.
  • Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section will be updated and where you can get step-by-step help for function changes coming with our new look update.

Updating in four stages

To make the transition as smooth as possible for our administrators, we'll be rolling out the updates in four stages over the next few months. We want to ensure that the updates are not overwhelming for our admins, which is why we've decided to stagger the changes. This phased approach will allow us to carefully monitor the launch and provide more focused support for specific site features.


What led us to this point

Initially developed as a grassroots management tool, revolutioniseSPORT has evolved far beyond our humble beginnings and now stands as Australia's foremost online management platform for both sporting and community organisations. Today, we help thousands of organisations around Australia and beyond manage sport simply.

We have adapted our business and products to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our platform has developed a new look and refined experience to ensure we can scale and adjust in line with our clients' ever changing requirements.

Despite the platform's evolving complexity, our co-founder and CEO Alex has always emphasised the importance of preserving a founding principle—ensuring the platform's design and experience remains simple and easy to use. It's present in all our actions and a characteristic that set us apart since day one.

However, as we added more features to our all-in-one platform, we began to notice that certain parts of our platform were advancing at a different pace than others. We didn’t want our clients’ experience to feel fragmented, so we created a more aesthetic and methodic layout that unifies buttons in user-friendly menus, makes wayfinding more recognisable and gives our platform more space to expand.

Remaining authentic to who we are

With this new look, we retain the true core of our company that endeared our earliest clients, which is to be a source of truth for organisations and provide an approachable platform that makes life easier for volunteers. The new look will improve the platform's appearance without compromising on our commitment to reliability, helpfulness, and encouragement.

Our platform reflects our love for what we do and our dedication to anticipating the needs of our users. We know updates can be daunting, so whilst the look is different, our core framework remains recognisable. We want admins to feel supported in this transition and to be assured that all their data remains unaffected.

We're the sports management platform that volunteers can rely on, the one that won't make them feel burnt out or overwhelmed. Together, we can make sports management a lot more manageable.

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