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From intern to Junior Platform Engineer: Eric shares insight on revolutioniseSPORT's internship program

View all · 14 Mar 2023 · revolutioniseSPORT

Eric, a 4th-year computer science student from the University of New South Wales, has recently completed his 10-week internship with revolutioniseSPORT, Australia's leading online sports management platform. After showcasing his talent and hard work, Eric has secured a job as a Junior Platform Engineer with the company. 

Eric's experience at revolutioniseSPORT differed greatly from what he had heard from his friends interning at other companies. He praised the company's internship program for striking a balance between providing meaningful work experience and offering necessary guidance and support. "What set revSPORT apart was the good balance that they struck between the two. I felt that I had the opportunity to work on a real project on my own but was always able to ask for help if I was stuck on something for too long," said Eric.

During his internship, Eric was part of a team of interns who worked on real production software that has contributed to existing and future company products. Eric was specifically involved in rebuilding the platform and connecting the front-end to the back-end, which he found very interesting. He was particularly fascinated by the Sites feature, which serves as one of the main features clients use, and appreciated the intricacies involved in working on it.

Eric's past experience in leadership positions as cultural director for his college and his love of Judo helped him stand out from other applicants. Eric encourages other aspiring engineers to highlight their relevant work experiences, emphasising their responsibilities in those roles. He also advises future interns to be confident about their hobbies in their interviews both for standing out and coming across as a fun addition to the team.

For Eric, being part of a team of interns made the internship experience less daunting. "Knowing that there was someone there who could relate to me whenever I was struggling definitely gave me comfort and I made some close friends with my fellow interns," he said.

revolutioniseSPORT's welcoming and inclusive culture stood out to Eric, with the induction process providing a detailed introduction to every facet of the company and insight into everyone's role there. Eric felt valued and welcomed throughout his internship.

Eric's advice to future interns is to make the most out of their internship by not being afraid to ask lots of questions. "It is far better to get help from someone and fix your problem in 5 minutes than to spend 2 hours working on something by yourself," he said.

Eric's success story is a testament to revolutioniseSPORT's commitment to providing aspiring engineers with valuable work experience and the necessary support to succeed.


Thank you, Eric, for sharing! You can find Eric in our Engineering team as a Junior Platform Engineer. To know more about the team behind revolutioniseSPORT sport, make sure to check out our who we are page.

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