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Discover a new look for Events, Competitions & Account settings

View all · 18 May 2023 · revolutioniseSPORT

The update brings a sleek and seamless layout to your Events, Competitions & Account settings features. Update 2 of 4 commenced its rollout on May 17, with a focus on enhancing your Account settings. Stay mindful of the coming weeks as we progressively introduce the new look to your Events and Competitions features.

Whilst new colours and layout will be introduced, the key capabilities of your portal will remain largely unchanged.



Improved user experience. Mobile-first appearance. Reinforced data security.

  • Streamlining the look and feel

    We’re updating our platform with a sleeker, refined look designed to improve portal navigation and enable administrators to understand their data more easily.

  • Enhancing fixturing with home and away options

    With Update 2 of 4, we are introducing automatic home and away fixturing that will provide organisations with advanced and streamlined tools to generate their home and away games at the press of a button.

  • Reinforced security

    Introducing Two-Factor Authentication (TFA), an additional layer of authentication to help prevent unauthorised access to sensitive information and accounts, even if a password has been compromised.