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SportsGrid takes the virtual stage at women in engineering event

View all · 11 Sep 2023 · SportsGrid

Recently, three of our staff members had the privilege of representing SportsGrid, the company behind revolutioniseSPORT, Handover and ASPA, at the Sydney University Women in Engineering (SUWIE) society's WIELead Workshop. This online panel was designed as a Q&A forum, allowing budding women engineers to engage with industry experts.

Our participation in this event was a testament to our long-standing commitment to supporting diversity and inclusion in the technology sector. For years, we have proudly sponsored SUWIE, sharing its mission of encouraging women to pursue careers in engineering and technology.

The theme of the workshop was Cracking the code: How leading women innovate technology, and our panellists, along with representatives from Dolby, had the opportunity to provide valuable insights.

Our representatives included three experts at SportsGrid:

  • Lauren Woods (Manager, Projects & Accounts), highlighted the significance of interpersonal skills in client management, drawing from her 20 years of experience in state sporting organisations.
  • Holly Uhr (Junior Accounts Coordinator) shared her journey as a young woman navigating a male-dominated sport industry, emphasising the importance of patience and persistence in career progression.
  • Maryam Lalee (Junior Platform Engineer), brought her coding expertise to the table and underscored the growing importance of data safety in the era of artificial intelligence.

During the workshop, Maryam (energetically) discussed how recent industry changes, mainly the focus on data safety with the rise of artificial intelligence, have made tech roles more enticing than ever, "prioritising data safety with the rise of artificial intelligence has made tech jobs, like mine, a sizzling hot space to be a part of."

Holly's advice for young professionals was clear and impactful: "A career is a long game. The biggest lesson I can provide is patience. If that big career change is not happening immediately, it is not the be-all and end-all."

This was the perfect opportunity to announce the return of our annual summer internship program in 2023. An intensive experience providing talented junior engineers with the chance to work with new technologies across a wide spectrum of computer science.

We highly encourage female engineers to apply and gain valuable industry experience, as we are committed to achieving gender equity in the tech industry.

If you're ready to kickstart your career in technology and join us in shaping the future of innovation, we invite you to apply for our summer internship program through this link.