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Squash Australia partners with revolutioniseSPORT

View all · 10 Mar 2022 · Squash Australia

Squash Australia is pleased to announce they will be launching a new national registration and competition management platform with revolutioniseSPORT.

revolutioniseSPORT is an emerging market leader in online club management in Australia. The platform supports both grassroots clubs and peak sporting bodies, and currently supports a combined 241 National and State Sporting Organisations across Australia.

The online sports management platform will provide the squash community with a fully integrated membership, competition management and club management system.

Squash Australia is making a significant investment into improving its systems and this announcement comes on the back of the launch of the Squash Australia Learning Centre in partnership with Sport Australia and World Squash Officiating. These are both transforming the way Squash Coaches and Referees access education courses, tools, and resources.

Squash Australia CEO Robert Donaghue is excited about the partnership, saying the move to the new platform is geared to providing a technology that helps better connect the squash community, provide deeper insights, and provide a user-friendly tool to help our workforce manage the sport more effectively and efficiently.

"Our decision is based on the fact that the platform is flexible and scalable and will be able to grow with squash as we continue to evolve into the future,” Donaghue said. 

revolutioniseSPORT Managing Director and CEO of parent company SportsGrid Alex Mednis welcomed the partnership. “We pride ourselves on being able to offer a trusted, scalable, and user-friendly solution for sport across the Asia Pacific region. Working with Squash on a digital transformation project allows us to use our expertise to help grow the sport digitally in a way that supports clubs, their committees & volunteers.”

“Our staff get genuinely excited helping bring clubs on board with revolutioniseSPORT. We have a ‘best in class’ solution for both membership and competitions and look forward to helping better connect squash across the country.”

The move to the new platform will be undertaken over several phases across the next 12 months to ensure a seamless implementation, transition, and training process. More information will be released in coming weeks including an outline of the project milestones and expected launch date in 2023.

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