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Introducing the new look rostering feature!

View all · 29 Nov 2023 · revolutioniseSPORT

From creating and sharing staff timetables or designating payment for rostered volunteer roles, revolutioniseSPORT now has a new look rostering feature that helps you stay coordinated, connected, and productive.


What is rostering?

Rostering is a feature that introduces a solution for what is the time-consuming and difficult task of coordinating all of your staff or volunteers.

It allows you to create roles and pay rates to assign to your staff or volunteers.

Behind any great organisation is an army of highly passionate staff members and volunteers. Rostering also gives staff and volunteers the ability to mark whenever they're unavailable to allow for the most efficient means of issuing work shifts evenly.


Improved user experience. Mobile-first appearance. Reinforced data security.

  • Same game-changing platform, just more streamlined: The features will feel familiar but sport a refined polish. With its cleaner appearance and intuitive interface, you will be able to manage your sport efficiently.
  • Engineered like never before: Beyond the new look, we have also been working under the hood on a new feel. Expect a faster performance, a mobile-first experience, and increased layers of protection.
  • Reinforced security: Introducing Two-Factor Authentication (TFA), an additional layer of authentication to help prevent unauthorised access to sensitive information and accounts, even if a password has been compromised.
  • Option to switch back: Found a bug in the new look? We got you! We have installed a temporary Revert to previous look button in the rare chance a bug is hindering your critical duties. Simply navigate to the left menu and click the button.

The new look and feel rostering feature is activated for all accounts on the revolutioniseSPORT platform. If the previous look is still displaying for the rostering feature, simply switch over to the new look by clicking the prompt at the top of the page.


Who can use the feature?

All full access administrators and administrators with rostering access switched on