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revolutioniseSPORT releases new tools to assist grassroots clubs in managing data collection at scale

View all · 28 Oct 2021 · Australasian Leisure Management

Leading sports management platform revolutioniseSPORT has released new survey, census and assessment tools to allow grassroots clubs to collect information and surveys without being reliant on external platforms.

The features form part of the revolutionise360 product suite, an advanced layer of capabilities that focuses on marketing, data analytics, and insights for sporting organisations.

Collecting data from members in a straightforward manner within sport has proven to be a pain point for many sporting organisations. This new release is designed to aid organisations in collecting data in a streamlined and engaging way, and also seamlessly integrates with revolutioniseSPORT as their core membership platform.

revolutioniseSPORT Managing Director, Alex Mednis explains “the concept of a vertically-integrated platform is enormously beneficial to sporting organisations, rather than what we have seen traditionally which is a 'siloing' of data into different platforms for different workflows. New platforms coming onto the market are encouraging the use of silos, which is well beyond the capability of most sporting organisations to manage.

“What we have launched is a comprehensive toolset that can be used for surveys, forms, examinations - basically any type of standard data collection that an organisation might use."

The surveys feature can be used for various data collection points, such as nominations, feedback, sentiment analysis, and expressions of interest. Organisations can then aggregate, filter and report on results, ensuring the sport can understand the motivations and drivers of their members. The toolkit can be further built upon by running annualised or regular surveys in a 'census' format, or even offering an 'assessment' mode to run surveys as questions and answers.

Mednis added “where an organisation is creating a survey and sending it out to thousands of members, bringing that straight into the core membership platform reduces barriers for completion - as it is a familiar user experience - from the members’ perspective, and also eliminates any need to massage and move data around between systems.”

With Hockey NSW having had first-hand experience with the feature set, having created various surveys to collect member information, Hockey NSW interim Chief Executive, Craig Beed advised “we have been able to easily gather actionable membership data and gain unique insights through surveys, which is versatile and a comprehensive data collection tool.

"We've been able to streamline many of our processes, such as recordkeeping and data analysis, because the survey responses are automatically linked to existing member profile data within our management platform.

“Having everything integrated in one place ensures that the data we are collecting is accurate, relevant, and applicable to helping us further understand and ultimately improve how our members engage with our sport.”

revolutioniseSPORT is the industry leader in sports management technology in Australia, servicing over 220 state and national sporting organisations - more than all other sports membership vendors within Australia combined - as well as 14,000 sporting clubs across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Cook Islands and the Asia Pacific.

Image courtesy of Hockey NSW. 

Originally published by Australiasian Leisure Magazine