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revolutioniseSPORT develops features to manage courses and accreditations for sporting officials

View all · 28 Sep 2021 · Australasian Leisure Management

revolutioniseSPORT, a leading sports management technology platform in Australia, has developed two features designed to streamline the management of accreditations and courses within sport.

These features are part of the extended ‘revolutionise360’ product suite, which focuses on marketing, data and insights and sits ‘on top’ of the standard revolutioniseSPORT platform. Extensively piloted through several sports, customer feedback has been used to ensure that these features are at a stage that they can deliver industry-wide benefits.

revolutioniseSPORT Lead Product Manager, Cass Simonetti advised “we have seen an incredible growth in the need for sports to manage accreditations and qualifications in the past few years.

“Throughout COVID, sports have seen a real ‘brain drain’ in officials due to not being able to re-accredit, and so evolving our product suite to allow a continuous learning model has been really important.  These features will give state and national sporting organisations a clear picture of the progression of qualifications within their sport. This includes certifying officials and members and easily identifying any gaps within their organisations training.”

Sport Australia has recently updated their approach to coaching and officiating, with a focus on increasing the number and quality of recruits. Acknowledging the importance of this development, they have introduced a modernised approach to support the growth they want to see within sport in Australia, moving from the annualised accreditation process to one of ongoing personal development, with a focus on individualisation.

Simonetti adds “a growing number of people stay in their sports for many years. Giving the option to continually learn and continually develop their skills is important – and if we can provide a way for customers to manage this, the entire industry benefits.

As the platform comes closer to its 10-year anniversary in 2022, the revolutioniseSPORT team are working to expand the capacity in which sporting organisations can manage their operations. Quarter 4 is due to see the release of a number of other ‘game changing’ features for sport along a similar theme. 

Australian Sailing has had the opportunity to adopt these features, and maintains over 300,000 course registrations through the platform.

Chris Tate, Head of Programs and People commented “utilising these features has immensely improved our ability to understand individualised course registrations and subsequent accreditations, from a national standpoint.”

“We are excited to continue expanding and improving our platform so we can support the needs of sporting organisations, with more releases coming into next year,” added Simonetti.

revolutioniseSPORT has evolved to cater for both small clubs with basic sport management needs, to servicing large governing bodies with aggregate data tools for things such as certifying officials and managing education, as well national retention and re-marketing.

revolutioniseSPORT is the industry leader in sports management technology in Australia. From 2012 to 2020, they now service over 220 state and national sporting organisations – more than all other sports membership vendors within Australia combined. They also service 13,000 sporting clubs, and their reach extends into New Zealand, Singapore, Cook Islands and across the Asia Pacific.

Image top: Courtesy Australian Sailing. Australian Sailing maintains over 300,000 course registrations through the revolutioniseSPORT platform.

Originally published by Australasian Leisure Management.