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revolutioniseSPORT completes migration to Amazon Web Services to drive next phase of growth

View all · 08 Nov 2021 · Australasian Leisure Management

Leading sports management platform, revolutioniseSPORT, has recently completed its migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The move clears an enormous amount of 'technical infrastructure debt', which had accumulated as the platform had grown from supporting hundreds to tens of thousands of sporting clubs and governing bodies.

Technical infrastructure debt, which refers to the implied cost of not keeping infrastructure components such as servers and hardware at a state where the current business and technology landscape requires them to be, generally accumulates as companies grow, and has to be 'paid down' in order to ensure continued growth.

revolutioniseSPORT's migration to AWS marks the completion of a multi-year journey to modernise the platform's infrastructure to include faster delivery of content, enhanced disaster recovery, and a myriad of other infrastructure improvements to maintain the already gold standard of reliability customers expect.

Senior Platform Engineer, Simon Grimm explained “this is an important milestone in our journey.

“For our customers, this is an immediate change that they will notice. Page load times are 5-10x faster, reports and downloads are now significantly quicker to export, and customers now have the ability to manage larger and larger data sets.”

AWS has helped high-powered startups such as Airbnb, Stripe, Lyft and Slack run their infrastructure and supercharge their growth. Over a million businesses now use AWS to power their infrastructure.

Grimm added “the ability for revolutioniseSPORT to scale from tens of thousands of customers into that next tier of the hundred-thousand-plus customer mark has now been unlocked.

“This opens up an exciting year for revolutioniseSPORT. With more staff on the way, and an incredible set of developments being released right through Q2 2022, we are primed to help sport succeed. The team at AWS Sydney have been a great resource through this process, and we look forward to continuing our growth with Amazon.”

Originally published in Australasian Leisure Magazine.