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SportsGrid recognised as a NSW State Finalist in Telstra Best of Business Awards

View all · 16 Oct 2023 · SportsGrid

Recognition in Embracing Innovation and Outstanding Growth signifies the traction our new initiative to get volunteers supported in sports is gaining.

SportsGrid, Australia’s most trusted sports technology provider and company behind leading sports management platform revolutioniseSPORT, has been selected as a NSW State Finalist at the Telstra Best of Business Awards in two categories; Embracing Innovation and Outstanding Growth.


Outstanding Growth

SportsGrid has been recognised for its decade long commitment to helping member-based and sporting organisations simplify their day-to-day duties and maximise the impact they are capable of.

The sport industry is plagued with mistrust around technology, largely attributed to years of management solutions not delivering and, in some instances, causing a sport to go backwards. Starting the business from his local waterpolo club, CEO Alex Mednis identified the lack of a quality off-the-shelf platform and endeavoured to develop a product that “does what it says on the tin”.

“We couldn’t be prouder to be a NSW State Finalist recognised amongst the state’s most innovative companies,” said Alex. “We truly believe our growth is attributed to having a product that actually works. It might sound reductive, but sport has been repeatedly burnt by tech. We have a team that cares about making a positive difference, not turning a quick buck.”

SportsGrid’s flagship product revolutioniseSPORT is Australia’s most trusted online sports management platform built to empower member-based and sporting organisations to simplify their day-to-day duties and focus on what’s important.

“revolutioniseSPORT has never required flashy sales tricks because it is a fantastic product, underpinned by our dedicated support team. You don’t create Australia’s leading online sports management platform by throwing people at the problem, but rather a mature set of staff that understands first-hand the pain points and financial difficulties of our customers.”

Today SportsGrid, guided by its vision to provide unrivalled innovation, user experience, and customer service, is established to boost the capabilities of member-based and sporting organisations across Australia and beyond.


Embracing Innovation

Excitingly SportsGrid has been recognised in a second major category, Embracing Innovation, for our long-term commitment to democratising the work of the Australian sport volunteer network in both metropolitan and regional communities.

The volunteer network is the backbone of sport but it is under threat from a fragmented ecosystem that lacks clear roles and responsibilities.

“revolutioniseSPORT is built to unify sports management by centralising multiple operations and administrative tasks of an organisation in one digital location,” said Alex. “Volunteers are time poor and overwhelmed with onerous work when they should be enabled to build vibrant sports communities.”

The platform is constantly evolving to ensure all volunteer challenges are swiftly provided with a digital and transparent solution. Our platform has removed the risk of single administrator control over organisations. This guarantees data and resources are accessible to multiple authorised administrators, safely secured in the cloud, and left with a digital paper trail reducing corruption and providing evidence in the case of club disputes.

“We believe in the power of sport in uniting communities and driven in building technology that unites the volunteers that run sporting communities.”

Alex continues, “As a digital solution our initiative is not geographically discriminatory enabling volunteers in regional areas equal access to innovative tools as their metropolitan counterparts. It is then fitting Telstra has recognised our innovation as our ability to support regional administrators is tied to the progressive rollout of the 4G and 5G network.”


State Awards for NSW to be announced Friday, November 3

The NSW State Awards will announce the winners of each category on Friday, November 3. The SportsGrid team are proud to be recognised in more than one category and values the nominations as a marker of just how far we have come as an organisation.

Winners of the state awards will proceed to the National Awards.


About SportsGrid

As Australia’s leading sports technology provider, SportsGrid provides a variety of solutions that boosts the capabilities of sporting organisations and reduces onerous administrative tasks. With thousands of clients across our revolutioniseSPORT online management platform, Australian Sports Professionals Association, and our Handover knowledge-sharing software we are united by shared purpose to help organisations maximise their impact and focus on what’s important.

To learn more about SportsGrid, visit or connect with us at


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